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My Favorite Designer Dupes | Edition #1

As I've often expressed, mixing high-end + low-end is my JAM! I'm certainly a devoted lover of designer pieces, both for my home and for my closet. BUT, there's definitely a time and place for a good dupe here and there as well.

No one should be ashamed of finding designer-similar or designer-inspired items for a cheaper price. In many cases, a deep investment is worth it {the saying "you get what you pay for" ain't all that cliché, trust me}. However, when something is super trendy or you're on a budget, why not save a little ... or a LOT?!

Below, I've shared some of my favorite designer dupes this season. Happy Shopping!!

1 - CHLOE Vented Round Sunglasses; Retail $420 {but on MAJOR SALE for 78% right now} vs. Amazon Dupe $11

2 - GUCCI Leather Ankle Boot; Retail $1100 vs. Steve Madden Dupe $130

3 - LOUIS VUITTON The Party Aviator Sunglasses; Retail $720 vs. Amazon Dupe $16

4 - BOTTEGA VENETA Intrecciato Leather Mules; Retail $1270 vs. EGO Shoes Dupe $15

5 - CARTIER Love Ring with Diamonds; Retail $3500 vs. Express Dupe $27

6 - HERMES Cashmere Avalon Blanket; Retail $1550 vs. Amazon Dupe $60

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