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8 Ways to Upgrade Your Lifestyle {on a personal level}

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Creating, maintaining or expanding a luxurious lifestyle is much more than caviar, vacationing in the South of France or driving exotic cars … it's really about quality, confidence and feelings of fulfillment that vary from person to person. It's important to remember there are things we can all do, every day, to pamper ourselves and ultimately LEVEL UP. It's not about being superficial or materialistic; all of that is relative and irrelevant anyway. Just remember you deserve a life filled with happiness and everything (luxury included) you desire!

Here are 8 Ways to Upgrade Your Lifestyle on a Personal Level … on and off a budget:

1. Drink More Water:

Pure and simple (no pun intended). With this, you can't go wrong. Whenever you want to feel and look fabulous, this is the one thing you can definitely count on … plus, it's free!

2. Create or Enhance Your Daily Skincare Routine:

Having a legitimate skincare routine will undoubtedly enhance your looks and overall feeling of well-being. Go ahead and splurge on your favorite serum, moisturizer or spa facial, even if it's just 2-4 times per year. Create and maintain a morning routine and a bedtime routine for your skin. My latest obsessions are Laneige lip sleeping masks and La Mer The Concentrate serum.

3. Shop At The Farmers Market:

Buy your fresh produce from the farmers market. Not only will you receiving a higher quality, but the experience is truly uplifting. This could be your new weekend tradition.

4. Only Buy Top Tier Ice Cream:

Of course you can wait for sales and coupons with your other groceries, but always treat yourself to the best ice-cream your grocery store has to offer. It's such a simple and rewarding indulgence for every trip to the grocery store .. and pick up some fresh flowers while you’re at it.

5. Book a Massage Every Quarter:

Time to unplug and release is needed more now than ever. Contact your favorite spa and book massages every three months to enjoy time pampering yourself and celebrating your body. My favorite are hot-stone massages. There's nothing like a little sizzle.

6. Elevate Your Hobbies:

If you enjoy playing soccer and bar-hopping, that's wonderful! But a life of luxury calls for incorporating a few more feminine hobbies like horseback riding, ballroom dancing, volunteering or golf. Seek to broaden your horizons.

7. Visit Open Houses:

If you're interested in purchasing your first or a new home, go to open houses. There's no financial commitment required to attend open houses in areas you like to not only give you perspective into the market but to also encourage you to achieve this goal. Also, visiting open houses and even model homes can provide you with a plethora of ideas for your existing space! Furniture placement, décor ideas ... there's a lot to get excited about with this one.

8. Work on Your Etiquette:

Never forget, manners and etiquette will always be important. In seeking to elevate your lifestyle and live luxuriously, you should seek to refine your skills of communicating, entertaining or being entertained. Knowing how to carry yourself with class and grace in all instances / occasions is so important. Purchase an etiquette book that you feel comfortable with, that can help you ensure you're acting and communicating properly … for everything from how/when to tip, sending handwritten letters & thank you cards, setting a table, positions for sitting and standing, etc. These are fine points that no amount of money can buy.


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