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8 Awesome 'Virtual Learning' Supplies to Add to Your Back-To-School Shopping List

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Where we live, most school districts are opening with virtual learning only ... which means children will not return to in-person instruction at their school building until further notice. So, parents (and teachers) have had to get pretty creative in setting their kids up for success. Besides securing a reliable device with which students will access Zoom and/or Google Meet, there are a few other items I was sure to purchase to make our "school at home" environment as functional and as engaging as possible. For instance, it's going to be extremely important to have a good way to store and organize all of kids' learning materials at home, so they're not all over your kitchen counters or coffee tables. And positive reinforcement might be unusually effective in helping children cope with not being able to learn alongside their peers, so little rewards or even books to help them understand their emotions are great ideas!

Consider adding the items below to your back-to-school supplies shopping list ... just click on what you like!

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